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Many regions within the Middle East are experiencing a shortage of low-cost, functional and affordable houses. The Iraq of today is experiencing a severe housing shortage where demand significantly outstrips available supply. The government of Iraq has stated that at least 3.5 million housing units need to be constructed within the next decade to cope with expectation and demand. To meet these governmental expectations, 350,000 new units will have to be built each year for the next ten years.

4th Dimension is actively working to satisfy this demand with locally financed housing projects throughout Iraq’s urban centres. Copperchase and 4th Dimension are backed financially by the Al Bilad Islamic Bank of Baghdad which provides strong support to the partnership allowing it to produce the houses to meet current demand.

Through their many projects in Iraq, 4th Dimension and Copperchase are bringing European style and levels of comfort and sophistication to the people of Iraq at prices they can afford.

Modern Townhouses
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