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Elegant Abstract Background

Al Hamza residential
complex in Al-Diwaniya

This project is in the interest of the Housing Department of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. This residential complex consists of multi-story buildings (four and three floors) with two models of residential buildings (A & B).
Type A = 22 Building three floors (264 apartments) containing four apartments in the floor area of 139.5 m 2 apartment ,
Type B = 12 buildings with four floors (192 apartments) containing four apartments on the floor and an area of 120.5 m 2 apartment with total 456 apartments. 

The complex also contains general buildings (kindergarten, elementary school 18 class capacity, middle school 12 class capacity (2), markets, health center, an administrative building, a mosque, guard room number (2) with service networks (net water and fire , Watering, rainwater network, heavy water network, external and internal electrical networks, telephone, outdoor site works from streets, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, landscaping, landscaping, landscaping, furniture, etc. ). as the use of turnkey construction method (precast) in the implementation of this project, according to the specifications approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, where the percentage of completion of 33% and that the project is turned off based on a Cabinet decision No. 347

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